SEPTEMBER 6-8 2019

Speakers & Guests

About Hook[ed]

We all have things that we are hook[ed] on. Some are expected. Others are unorthodox. Yet, what we need to be asking is how we can use who we are to engage in passionate storytelling that opens invitations to share the love of Christ with people.


This year's Hook[ed] Conference is focused on equipping people to tackle this ever-changing, ever-evolving culture. Featuring guest speakers and leaders from the Lower Mainland, explosive expressions of creativity and powerful music, Hook[ed] is an event not to be missed.

The Why | The Purpose of Hook[ed]

Preferences, ideas and commonly accepted ways of doing life are constantly changing - but the Word of God never changes. So how do we as the church be expert fishers of men in a choppy sea?

Over the course of this 3 day weekend, Hook[ed] Conference will be focused on equipping the church to tackle this ever-shifting and dynamic culture. Featuring local and international speakers, this is an incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain new revelation on how to be a skillful Fisher of Men.

Our Partners

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been serving Canadians for over 200 years in Bible translation and distribution. Today, our many initiatives include Fear Not Comics, Operation Bible (supporting the Canadian Armed Forces), and our new Café Logos ( For more information please visit

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