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For live updates, upcoming events and access to our service recordings and live streams, download our Church App. Click on “Church App” in blue to receive a direct download link straight to your phone! If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to call our team at 604-398-8828 ex. 1. 


In light of the recent gathering restrictions (gatherings of no larger than 50 people), we have added two extra services to give everyone a chance to gather with believers. We have a Saturday evening service at the Hub (Google Maps / Apple Maps) from 7 - 9 pm. We also have a 9am and an 11:30 am Sunday morning service at the Hub (Google Maps / Apple Maps) and a Sunday evening service at 5:00 pm in Strathcona (Google Maps / Apple Maps).


Another way you can be involved in by joining us in fasting and praying. As a church, we are fasting and praying until a week after all of the restrictions regarding Covid-19 are lifted. For more information, download the  Church App., Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, or Check out our Website.


For specific information regarding how our church is responding to Covid-19, Check out our Website.


We also wanted to share a few resources that will allow you to discover more about LQIC: 


Our Mandate

Curious about our mission and vision as a church? Click on “Our Mandate” to find out more about who we are and why we do what we do!


Our Stand

Wondering what our core beliefs are? This handy website breaks things down in a clear and concise way. 


Our Pastors

Want to know more about Pastor Terrance and Pastor Julia? Click here! 


If you would like to chat with someone from the church, we'd love to connect with you (contact us here). 


Also, you can:

Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Instagram 

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