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rem·nant | ˈremnənt | noun

1. a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists

2. a surviving trace


3. a small minority of people who will remain faithful to God and so… be saved

from our pastors


This corner has been empty for over 15 years. But Kingdom Citizens realize that when things have been closed - we have been given the keys to release new life and open them again.

We're inviting you to partner with us as we begin to take on our biggest Faith Project yet - the construction & development of our first single location. Located in the midst of one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in British Columbia, we believe that God has placed a remnant of His Kingdom in this neighbourhood for such a time as this. 

King David had a burning desire to build a house for the Lord and his desire and faithfulness was honoured by the Lord. Our heart is like that of King David - we are ready to not just have our own home - but to establish a home where God's Presence can permeate and dwell. We desire to be an organization that is a vital part of our local community - meeting both the spiritual and the physical needs of our neighbours. The last two years have taught us the church has a responsibility to be an ESSENTIAL part of any community where we can be found. With this new location, we have an opportunity to not only impact the spiritual climate but to extend into the marketplace and build kingdom relationships that are empowered to breathe love, life and hope into our city. 

We thank each and every single partner who has sown into Love Quest for this project. Whether $5000 or $5 - every seed impacts the greater goal that is bigger than ourselves. We declare that every seed sown is sown into GOOD GROUND and will produce a harvest in 100 FOLD RETURN. The seed you have sown today is not just for our generation but for the generations to come as we partner TOGETHER to build a home where God can dwell. We know that our FAITH is what will sustain us through this project and look forward to the testimony of God's faithfulness not only to us but to the generations to come. 

We love you and we thank you for partnering with us on this next phase of our LOVE QUEST!

And as always....



the goal


over 5 months

the vision

With this new space, we know that we will have the ability to establish roots in order to begin to expand our reach within The Lower Mainland & the Globe - beginning with the community around our corner of Surrey. 

This new location will be our main epicentre as a ministry and organization - featuring our main auditorium, offices, youth & children's facilities, production spaces, culinary arts centre, fitness centre and health and wellness facilities. We believe that this new space will enable us to not only serve our internal community but provide a space for the community to come and gather, grow and go! We are a Kingdom culture with a marketplace mandate, equipping all willing souls to pursue, overtake, and recover all without fail - while pursing life on the Love Quest.

launching 2022

Citywide Youth

Programming & Support

  • After School Hangout

  • Education Centre

  • Mentorship Program

Creative Arts Centre

  • Professional Recording Studio

  • Live Rehearsal Space

  • Artist Training & Development

  • Music Development Centre

Community Outreach Program

Campus Ministry Outreach


Kings & Priests Collective

Aligning & Equipping The Kingdom Entrepreneur to Know & Understand Their Divine Call & Gifting While Strategically Maneuvering Through the Marketplace to Advance the Kingdom's Agenda 


the why

kingdom purpose

kingdom purpose

for kingdom vision

This ministry epicentre will enable us to be rooted in a community as we live out our vision of loving all nations, equipping & mobilizing the church and serving all. We will be able to have 24/7 access to a space that fully meets our needs as a community and provides a single location for everything that we do as a community: from weekly Sunday experiences to youth outreach to conferences to content production

An Essential Service 

The last 2 years have taught us that the church needs to be in a position to be an essential service at all times. Having our own church building enables us have a constant presence and facility to effectively care for people in the midst of crisis.

One Global Hub

From weekly Sunday experiences to conferences to life's big celebrations, this building is going to be a gathering space for our existing family and our new community.

Long Term Stability

Being consolidated in a single Celebration Point will enable us to not just build for the now but build for the future and support long-term church growth.

Community Engagement

Our new space will enable us to provide community support and programming that not only meets the spiritual needs of our surrounding community but the practical needs as well.

Global Digital Outreach

We will be able to have set production spaces that will enable us to produce content that enables us to continue to teach and train both at home and around the world.

An Equipping Centre

Having a space that is designed specifically for us to develop leaders of all nations, pursuing to advance the Kingdom and spread the love of God across the world, locally and beyond

An Established Launching Pad

With this new space as our main location any future ministries, outreaches and future plants would all be able to come out of this location & receive the support from the core community here.

Cost Effectiveness/Stewardship

A single dwelling that can be used for all of our diverse purposes enables us  to save money on various space rentals  and be a resource for others who may be looking for similar spaces. 


counting the cost

the breakdown

two phases


phase 1 | nov. - dec. // phase 2 | jan. - apr.


counting the cost

the big picture

the big picture per phase


1 GIFT | $300,000

2 GIFTS | $150,000

5 GIFTS | $60,000


20 GIFTS | $15,000

10 GIFTS | $30,000


50 GIFTS | $6,000


100 GIFTS | $3,000


200 GIFTS | $1,500


counting the cost

bite size

amount of gifts per month

for 5 months


1 GIFT | $120,000

2 GIFTS | $60,000

5 GIFTS | $24,000


20 GIFTS | $6,000

10 GIFTS | $12,000


50 GIFTS | $2,400


100 GIFTS | $1,200


200 GIFTS | $600


how to partner

get involved

1. pray

3. spread

the word

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