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The Core of Our Existence


LOVE  All Nations - EQUIP  The Church - MOBILIZE  The Equipped - SERVE  All


LOVE  All Nations:

We are a community that embraces and intentionally seeks out ALL ethnicities and cultures. We confront our prejudices and differences with the Love, Word and Spirit of our Father. We desire to establish a culture in which ALL people find a home within their local church, ALL nations are represented in the worship experience and ALL members are contributing in the area they have been called, in order to fortify the church and influence the world.

EQUIP The Church:

We are a Spirit-filled and led family that teaches and stands on the Word. We are excited for the opportunity to help you reach levels you’ve never experienced, but were created for! This is not just a community, but a culture that equips and empowers people for the work of the Kingdom. Through diligence in the Word, a walk of Kingdom Faith, the help of the Spirit of God and a family that walks with you, the power of God will work through you in ways you’ve never imagined. You’ve been created for greatness in Him!


MOBILIZE  The Equipped:

GO! This is not a suggestion. We have orders to keep moving and the harvest is here! We are in perilous times  as fear is increasing in today's culture but we are the light and salt of this world. We preserve, we add flavour, we spread hope, we bring joy to any situation. We have not been blessed, changed, empowered and equipped simply to live comfortable and cozy lives, waiting for Jesus to return. We have been equipped to DO, GO and BE! We aren’t building up, we are building out. We gather to scatter and look to the day you are equipped to respond in action. In the meantime, everyday can be a day of significant impact!


It is an honour to let the greatest servant of all serve through us. We are striving to live a life of humility, honour and peace. Contrary to pop culture, the greatest in the Kingdom of God is a servant. We all desire to be great, so wisdom says, serve well. We aim to SERVE ALL, understanding that serving is sowing and when done in LOVE, we can always expect a harvest.

MISSION: With God? Possible!

We are leading people into the passion, promises and power of Kingdom Living. We are driven by a lifestyle of influencing cultural and global transformation. We are a community rooted in love , living by faith, releasing  hope and living in freedom. We are  

mandated to pursue, overtake and recover all while living life on The Love Quest.

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