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Your Safety is Our Quest!

A Word From Pastor Terrance

Hello Love Quest Nation!

I am extremely excited to welcome you to The Love Fix Experience!

From the moment God gave us the name "Love Quest", my wife and I knew that everything that lies before us would be just that, a great quest. 

We believe that on this quest our faith, hope and love will be tried and tested, which is exactly what many of us experienced in this last season. However, the one thing that caused us to remain full of faith, hope and love here at Love Quest, is the lifestyle of worship, word, prayer and community that we embrace and cultivate in our culture. 

During this season we haven't decreased or plateaued-- we have flourished and are excited to step into a time of BURSTING with you. This is your invitation to be a part of our Love Fix Experience and I can guarantee one visit will radically change your life. 


With our doors opening, we want you to know that your spiritual and physical health is our quest. We have implemented new protocols to comply with public health guidelines and provide you with a safe and healthy worship experience. See you soon and...



Pastors Terrance & Julia Richmond

RSVP to Join Us @ The Love Fix Experience

Our Love Quest is to assure you have a safe and healthy environment to encounter a Mighty and Loving Father in a joyful and empowering environment! We are overjoyed that we get to gather again with no restrictions and we're excited to get to see you in person again. 

Our new space does not require an RSVP so you are welcome to come and join us at any one of our experiences at 11a & 5p at our LQIC Surrey Celebration Point!

Your Safety Is Our Quest

We understand the times we are in and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for you to come and worship. While there are minimal restrictions, we do still have some basic protocols in place in order to ensure that we are stewarding a lively and healthy environment:

  • Masks Recommended | We recommend wearing a mask indoors for the duration of our Experiences

  • So Fresh & So Clean | All frequently touched objects and surfaces will be wiped out down and sanitized before and immediately after ever Experience 

  • Sanitization Stations | We will have sanitization stations throughout the space and in our greeting areas. 

  • Be Mindful | We've missed each other so much, but don't assume everyone is comfortable with a handshake or hug, so let's proceed with wisdom! We encourage physical distancing wherever possible and in spaces where distancing is a challenge, masks are recommended.

Love Quest is Good Ground

We know that Love Quest is good ground and we invite and encourage you to partner with us and sow into advancing God's kingdom

Ways that you can give:

Website | App | Love Quest International Church

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