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Welcome To The Love Fix Experience

The Love Fix Experience is a live gathering that is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. We believe that freedom, hope & joy are available to every individual. our heart is to bring the life & hope that is found in Jesus to each and every person we encounter. 

About The Love Fix Experience

Love Quest International Church initially started its support group on February 28, 2021 as a loving response to the heightened challenges of depression, fear, anxiety, mental health, violence, and addictions due to the stress of the pandemic. Our support groups are open and available to those of all religious backgrounds - yet our primary foundation is overtly Christian in tone and vibrant in expression.


Similar to 12 Step Programs like Alcoholics, Narcotics and Sex Anonymous - all were founded upon Christian principles that became secularized - we declare the need to trust and relinquish one’s life to the control of God as a prerequisite for successful and healthy living.

As BC has launched their 4 Stage Restart Plan as of May 25, 2021, we will remain ready to pivot in order to remain in compliance with all Public Health Orders. We are committed to creating an environment that abides by any and all public health guidelines while simultaneously remaining committed to carrying out our vision.

The current provincial Public Health Order on Gatherings & Events clearly defines support groups as:

support group: a group of people who provide support to one another with respect to grief, disability, substance use, addiction or another psychological, mental or physical health condition
[Pg. 8, PHO on Gatherings & Events, May 28]

In accordance with this, we have created a structure and format for our gatherings to be able to provide the adequate support needed for all those attending during this time.

What to expect At The Love Fix Experience

Our support groups are open and available to those of all religious backgrounds -yet our primary foundation is overtly Christian in tone and vibrant in expression.


The support group structure intentionally facilitates conversation between guests and our facilitators as we create a space where people can share their challenges with life and their mental health. In addition to this we use specific liturgical practices of the Christian faith that are designed to be in compliance with

public health order guidelines. These include but are not limited to:


Musical Worship


Public Reading of Scripture



Each our support group is led by our Founding & Lead Pastor, Pastor Terrance Richmond - who holds a degree in Marriage & Family Christian Counselling and has training as a first responder. This background has provided him with first-hand experience in dealing with people in various anxious states, stresses and other types of mental distress. We also have additional qualified individuals with a professional practice in health education & wellness that also aid in the hosting & facilitating of our support groups.

How We Do What We Do

We provide an opportunity for people to ask questions, join in on facilitated dialogue and get sound advice & wisdom from experienced leaders and professionals

We create a safe space for people to talk about the challenges they're experiencing

We create a hopeful environment filled with uplifting music

We Laugh | We Cry | We Rejoice | We're Honest & Real

We're praying for you! We're standing with you! We love you!

we support you

To review our health & safety plan, please refer to the following:

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