This book is HUGE!!

The Bible is a small library of 66 different books that immersed out of the history of the people of ancient Israel. Though it is many different books, they tell one unified story that leads to Jesus. It gives an account of creation, the fall of man and creation and how God is working through a chosen people to bring order and beauty back out of the chaos of this world.

The first 39 books of the Bible are called the Old Testament and the collective story of them all point to a hope in a new leader, a Saviour that would come and renew all creation.

Centuries later, a Jewish profit, who came from a lineage of Kings, named Jesus arrives and claims he is the long awaited leader who would restore the world. The remaining 27 books of the Bible, called the New Testament, share the redemptive works of Jesus Christ, the establishment of His Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and instructions to His followers to carry forth His message of grace to the ends of the earth until the day he returns.

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