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SEPTEMBER 6-8 2019

Where's The Hook Up

All the major details of what you need to know for attending Hook[ed] - The Wknd Trip 2019. From speakers to schedules to little tips & tricks - we're here to help make this experience fun and enjoyable!

If you have more questions on the day, connect with a member of our Guest Services team and we'd be happy to assist you

Day 1 | The Cast

Friday, September 6

Casting our nets wide to be ready to receive all that the weekend has in store

Registration Opens | 6p 

Evening Session | 7p

Featu​ring Worship with Love Quest International Church & Keynote Speaker Pastor Terrance Richmond

Day 2 | The Call

Saturday, September 7

Digging into the call to win souls and build the Kingdom

Registration Opens | 9a 

Featuring Breakfast & Bevvies | A Casual Time of Fellowship & Building Intentional Community

Morning Session | 10a - 2p 

Equipping with our Expert Fishermen [Speakers]

Paul Williams | Project Occupy: Inhabiting Space in the Marketplace

John Swain, Jr. | Put A Ring On It - The Power of Covenant Culture

Ryan Johnson Double Take - The Need for the Unconventional Church

Fishy Business A Panel Discussion

Evening Session | 7p

Going Deeper

Doors @ 6p | Start @ 7p

Featuring Worship with church:untitled & Love Quest International Church & 

Keynote Speaker Pastor Terrance Richmond

Day 3 | The Catapult

Sunday, September 8

Activating the Fishers of Men

Doors Open | 6p 

Evening Session | 7p

Featu​ring A Night of Extended Worship & Impartation with Love Quest International Church and Keynote Speaker Pastor Terrance Richmond

Please Note: There will be NO Morning Glory Experience &

our LVFX Experience will begin at 7p

Just Lil' Thangs


We are located in a residential area which can make parking a bit tricky. It will fill up fast - especially on Saturday due to the Strathcona Artisan Market taking place on Princess Ave. We encourage you to park within the community but be prepared to walk to LQIC East Van.

Sharing Space

The Strathcona Artisan Market will be taking place on Saturday, Sept. 7 during our morning session. Princess Ave. will be blocked off for the market. Keep an eye out for the LQIC Signs & Greeters directing you towards our entrances. We are privileged to call this community home so let's be GREAT neighbours!

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