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Finally Home Pt. 1

My journey that has led me to find my church family at Love Quest International Church has been an incredible one. Since I gave my life to Jesus a few years ago, I had a longing to be rooted somewhere where it felt like family. I was attending another church for sometime which was a great starting point for me as a new believer, but there was something that didn’t quite feel at rest yet. I wanted to be around people who were filled with the fruit of The Holy Spirit and had a deep desire to make a difference in this world for God’s Kingdom in their daily walk.

I was led by the Holy Spirit through a friend, to attend a weekend retreat the spring of 2016, which is where I met the Richmond family for the first time. That weekend changed my life forever! I was so deeply impacted by how powerful the presence of the Holy Spirit was throughout the entire weekend. Pastor Terrance lead the retreat and it was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. Every word and prayer spoken was filled with boldness, conviction and the absolute LOVE of Jesus Christ. There was nothing watered down nor stale about it. The families that came up from California to join the retreat had joy overflowing from them, it was seen and felt in everything they shared. I had never seen anything like it and wanted more. Being surrounded by anointed leaders made me realize that I became a believer to walk out my own faith in the same way, on fire!

When I had returned I wrote a personal blog about it because of the impact it had on me, I wanted to tell everyone about it. I continued to pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me in the direction where I could serve in an atmosphere that was always filled and led with His holy presence. I was ready to take the next step in obedience to my calling and a deep desire was born to be in ministry, I just didn’t know how it would unfold.

Love Fix Tip: Allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit in everything you do. Submitting to His guidance will continually align you to His greater purpose and will for your life.

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will council you [who are willing to learn] with My eye upon you.

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