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Healthy Holiday Tips and Guide

We all know how we normally feel on Jan 2 after the indulgences we have during Christmas season...but you can still enjoy yourself and stay healthy with these simple tips to avoid that post holiday drab!

TIP #1

Eat a healthy snack first

This is one of the busiest times of the year and that means that we're on the go, running errands and trying to check off the to do lists before Christmas. Fuel yourself with a healthy protein smoothie, some fruit, nuts or a slice of avocado toast before you head out. This avoids the temptation of getting a less healthier option while you're in line at the store or gobbling extra chips in the car because you'll be satiated and have fuelled up before. You can also pack a fruit or simple granola bar to have ready when you begin to feel hungry while you're out.

TIP #2

Add lots of variety to your shopping list

Adding a lot of variety of seasonal fruits, herbs and veggies to your shopping list gives you the best chance to have the supply of nutritious foods available throughout the holidays. You can get more creative by trying new recipes and adding produce to your meals when they are available to you. Trying a new salad with a veggie you've never tried with a homemade dressing, incorporating some fresh seasonal herbs to a meal, or sprinkling a bit of pomegranate into a quinoa dish may add some exciting new flavours that keeps eating healthy fun. This will also encourage you to make your meals with lots of colour, which equals more antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and overall nutrition.