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Healthy Portion Sizes Guide

If you’re like me, you love love love food! You love shopping for it, cooking it and most importantly eating it! Sometimes, though, it can be challenging to figure out if the portions you’re eating are appropriate or actually too big, which can ultimately contribute to weight gain long term.

First, let’s make a distinction between eating out and eating at home. It’s recommended to cook your meals as much as possible for a few reasons: you can control the ingredients you use, limit salt and sugar intake and have better control over portion sizes. But, how do you make eating in as exciting as eating out…

Make it a-peel-ing! (Cue the cheese!)

Choose dishware that has some colour or design on it! Sometimes, just swapping out the dish you use for a bowl or different shaped dish can really make what you’re eating super appetizing to the eyes and senses. Have fun with it! Maybe you use your fancy china for an exciting way to elevate breakfast time!

But what if I reaaaaally want to eat out?

Ok ok! We got you!

First, choose a restaurant that supports your nutrition goals. Yes, burgers are yum yum, but if you’re in a season of honing in on your goals (or if we are on a corporate fast!), you may not even want to tempt yourself by entertaining the idea of certain restaurants.

Then, make a decision before you go that you will eat to be satisfied, not until you need to loosen that first button of your jeans, okaaaaaay! Sharing a meal is great for portion control and will allow you to try a few extra dishes you may not have tried if you stuck to your own meal.

Eat out, take home!

It’s perfectly ok to order a full meal with the intention to take half of it home. Depending on what it is (can someone say soggy lettuce don’t satisfy the next day but cold pizza is the new palazzo pant??), taking some of the meal home and having your next day lunch meal already set is such a feeling of accomplishment! You go, you! You go!

Ok So I’m on board, but have no idea what a portion size is?

Say no more! Check out this quick guide that allows you to use your hand to eyeball portions so you don’t have to carry measuring cups in your handbag! The perfect way to help you eat in (and out) successfully!

Written By Pastor Daniela

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