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5 Healthy Habit Swap

Summer is in full swing and it always seems to be easier to eat healthy and get lots of activity when the weather cooperates. Here are a few quick tips to implement RIGHT NOW into your daily life that are super easy and won’t make you feel deprived:

  1. Do more of what you love! Exercise doesn’t always have to be ‘work’, although we do call it ‘work’ing out! Combine a few challenging workouts during the week among things you love to do like dance, sing, bike ride, hike, swim - the possibilities on the West Coast are endless! If you do what you love, you’ll have a well-rounded regimen that’s sustainable and enjoyable and you won’t be able to help loving what you do!

  2. Do less of what you don’t love! Ok ok - the chores still need to get done and I’m not saying don’t pay your bills, but take the time to go through the things you spent your thought life meditating on and see what the Lord is asking you to purge. You may be surprised at the things that are taking away space for the Lord to have His way. His ways are higher than ours so giving Him more of you will allow you to become more like Him!

  3. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, you eat tons of fresh vegetables, fruits, healthy grains and high-quality proteins. 20% of the time, you let loose and treat yourself to that delicious piece of pizza or hand-crafted ice cream from your favourite Gelateria. Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing and a healthy balance of eating a few treats you love among food that will really fuel your energy and sustain your body is such a divine-intended way God wants you to THRIVE!

  4. Deep clean your house. I know, right? But when was the last time you took the time to go through those drawers you always walk past and never open? Or cleaned out that closet that houses many random items you may not even use anymore? Listen, your home is a reflection of what is happening in your life and God is always speaking - what are some things you’re ‘holding onto’ that you may have even just forgotten about? These things should be purged to allow God to do even greater things in your life. The bonus is that you’ll get to purge items that someone else may be able to enjoy so it’s a win-win!

  5. Laugh more. It ain’t that serious. You need to find the joy of the Lord in all things, all ways, always. Practically, smiling and laughing stimulates endorphin-release creating that feel-good high that can make any unfortunate situation more manageable. Plus, it’s Bible! Check it out in Hebrews 12:2, John 15:10-12, 1 Chron, 16:26-27, Psalm 16:11, Nehemiah 8:10

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