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Anchor Your Arches

Anchor Your Arches Have you ever been told that you have flat feet? That you need orthodox? 
Do you have pain in your ankles, knees, hips or even lower back? 

With over 30% of people have “fallen arches” It has shown to lead to pain, dysfunction and injury up the kinetic chain. What we may not realize is our daily lives, the sedentary lifestyle, working in front of a desk and even the shoes we wear cause us to take our body out of our natural creation. If you look at babies and their feet, they have such great dexterity. They are able to control their toes because they are so spread out, but when we wear shoes we cram our toes together that can lead to our arches collapsing, can lead to plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. The great news is that you can recode, and retrain your feet! Bringing back your natural arches and restacking your joints into a column to bring back structural integrity. Watch the Video to learn more, and a technique to recode your feet.

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