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The Key is in your Breath

What if I told you the answer to optimizing your Health, increasing your immune system, strengthening your body, and even clearing your mind was right under your nose?

Most of you may be thinking to yourself it sounds way too simple, and I would normally agree with you but God lead me to discover a revelation with my practice. Which is the answer we often seek from the most High are often the simplest ones.

First, I want you to take a deep breath in and notice where you are breathing in from! Because this is important.

Genesis 2:7 says

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”

Notice how scripture tells us that God breathed into our Nostrils, not our mouths because this is important. Most of us if we are honest and we may realize that we breath through our mouth, or that we may take shallow breaths into our chest. “Our Breath is our brains indication for what type of environment it is in!” The environment that I am referring to is our sympathetic state known as “Fight or Flight” and the parasympathetic state known as “Heal, Rest and recover”. Our Sympathetic state operates in our low, mid and high beta brain waves. Low beta brain waves are our alert state; this is our waking conscious state that we are supposed to operate in for our day to day. As we go about our day to day, and become emotionally triggered by stress, anxiety, fear, and any low tone emotion it shifts our brain waves into a chronic state of “Fight or Flight”. Which can happen from a phone call, text message, conversation from a boss, someone cutting you off on your morning drive, reaching for your coffee only to realize there is non left! And as the day goes on, as things pile on top of another it is no wonder mid day we feel so fatigued all the time! Because our brain thinks that it is in a dangerous environment so our somatic nervous system keeps getting wound up. Then when we go home try so hard to unwind sometimes it feels impossible because you feel “on edge”, or even when we get a good amount of sleep the next morning we still feel restless. Its because we are in need of a deep unwinding of the somatic nervous system. When we are in a fight our flight, our brain does not think it is time to heal, rest or recover because to the brain there is a threat in your environment, so it will shuttle all of your metabolic energy to your muscles to help with the threat, so you either fight it or flight from it. This is why so many people have chronic tension in the body, and do you notice how when you take a gasp of air, on the exhale you feel some sort of relief? Well that is your nervous system unwinding a bit. So how do we unwind the nervous system? Like I said the answer is right under your nose.

Now watch the video to get a better understand, and a daily breathing practice that can help you become a LIVING SOUL.

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